Today in Palestine! ~ Headlines ~

Land and Property Theft and Destruction/Ethnic Cleansing
Israel approves East Jerusalem center
JERUSALEM (Ma’an) -- Israel has approved a plan to establish a medical center in occupied East Jerusalem.  The Central District's planning and building commission approved the new facility in Sheikh Jarrah for ZAKA, a first responder organization which employs experts in handling the deceased according to religious custom.  The new center near the campus of Hebrew University will be 6,500 square meters including a 1,200-meter memorial to victims and a 1,500 square meter morgue to be used in the event of an emergency of natural disaster.

Aqraba inhabitants facing confiscation of yet more farmland to serve the expansion of an illegal settlement
On Monday 6th September, farmers in Aqraba were forbidden by the Israeli army to work on a 200 dunam area of land near the village.  The land is currently in the process of being converted, by a combination of local workers and the Union of Agricultural Work Committees, from rocky terrain into usable farmland to increase the productivity of local agriculture.  The land in question was bought one year ago by a businessman from the area as a gift for many local farmers, and is located next to the main road between Nablus and the Jordan Valley (southwest of the village, towards Jurish). Three days ago, the Union of Agricultural Work Committees received a letter from the Israeli authorities saying that they must depart the area immediately. They claim that the land is in Area C, despite papers held by the owner showing otherwise. In one month, the land would have been ready to be used as farmland in the winter. The army threatened to confiscate bulldozers, and arrest workers and union members if work continued.

Fatah: Settlements deepen occupation
RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- "Settlements deepen the occupation, they steal Palestinian lands and water; with settlements there is no peace," a statement from the Fatah Central Committee said Thursday.  In an effort to clarify the staunch stance of Palestinain negotiators around the settlement issue, a document was released by the committee following a Ramallah meeting ahead of Eid Al-Fitr, as negotiations will resume on 14 September, a day after the Eid holiday closes.

Lieberman Vows To Counter Any Settlement Freeze
Israeli Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, vowed to act against any decision to freeze settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territories, including in occupied East Jerusalem.

Solidarity/Activism/Boycott, Sanctions & Divestment
Israeli Soldiers uses tear gas to suppress anti wall Protests in the West Bank
Bethlehem – PNN – on Friday villagers from Al Walajah, southern West Bank, and Bil’in, central West Bank organized their weekly anti wall protests.  In other villages who organize weekly nonviolent protest, the villagers decided to visit their relatives on the Muslim Holiday of Eid Al-Fitr to promote integrity and to support each other instead of the direct action for this week.

Palestinian - British Political Artist Shadia Mansour Detained And Stripped Searched At Ben Gurion Airport
By Nancy leigh / London – PNN – on Saturday September 4th British-born Palestinian Political Hip Hop artist, Shadia Mansour, was held at gunpoint airport security and intelligence officers.  Ms. Mansour was told to return to her luggage after a usual baggage xray and multiple searches, when eight agents ran towards her, weapons drawn and pointed, they aggressively kicked away her bags and surrounded her.  The eight agents had their guns pointed at Ms. Mansour while having her stand in the same position for one hour in suspicion of a bomb being planted in her microphone which they had in their possession for ten minutes already.  Ms. Mansour assured the agents the microphone was used for recording music and was then asked by an officer to sing her lyrics to him, they screamed at her and asked "who she worked for, who bought the microphone, what does she sing about" and as the agents and officers shouted over one another she was also told, "we have found something planted in the microphone" all this transpiring while airport goers observed the entire ordeal.

Shadia Mansour: British Palestinian rapper conducts a 'musical intifada'
The 24-year-old has been on tour in the West Bank, "It's a musical intifada, a musical uprising," says Shadia Mansour squinting in the sunshine outside the hip hop workshop she is running in the West Bank city of Hebron.

Respect the Palestinian-led picket line
The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel warmly salutes the tens of American and British theater, film and TV artists for their recently published statement supporting the spreading cultural boycott of Ariel and the rest of Israel's colonial settlements illegally built on occupied Palestinian territory due to their violation of international law.

Boycott leadership: solidarity with French activists
The Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions National Committee (BNC), on behalf of its constituent organizations and unions representing the majority of Palestinian civil society, strongly condemns the decision taken by French authorities to prosecute people of conscience for calling for a boycott of Israeli produce.

ISM is seeking a qualified Media Coordinator to join the Ramallah team
The International Solidarity Movement are currently looking for a Media Coordinator to join the team in Ramallah, Palestine. We are looking for someone who has previous media experience and is able to commit a minimum of 3 months, ideally 6.

8th Week against the Apartheid Wall, November 9 – 16 2010
September 1st, 2010-- Eight years into the construction of the Apartheid Wall, over 60% has already been built to ghettoize communities, threatening over 260,000 people with displacement and stealing land and water resources.

Invitation: Join the Palestinian Olive Harvest efforts!
September 4th, 2010-- The Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign and its popular committees are coordinating collective efforts to safeguard the annual olive harvest and are calling on volunteers to stand in solidarity with Palestinian communities and join in the harvest on October 5 until November 15, 2010.

The Siege (Gaza & West Bank)/Humanitarian/Restriction of Movement/Human Rights/Racism
Another Eid under Siege
MEMO - Palestinians in Gaza are preparing for yet another 'Eid al-Fitr under siege. Preparations have begun for families to make the most out of what they have for the celebration, which this year coincides with the new academic school year. Parents and guardians are rushing around trying to ensure that their children have the best possible in terms of uniform, school equipment and books.

The United States President Barack Obama approves of the crippling blockade Israel has imposed on the Gaza Strip under the pretext of security
During a Tuesday meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Obama said the regional situation was "unsustainable" and called for a narrow blockade on the impoverished coastal sliver, the Associated Press reported.  Israel placed Gaza under the all-out siege in mid-June 2007, claiming it was preventing alleged security hazards posed by the Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, which had won democratic elections a year earlier.

A Castle in the Sand - Gaza Two Years After Operation Cast Lead, GRAHAM USHER
September 9th, 2010 Abu Raad's home is built of mud. Hewn from concrete splits, water and sand, the artifice is necessary because of an Israeli siege that bars all raw materials into the Gaza Strip. Abu Raad lost six houses when the Israeli army blitzed northern Gaza in operation Cast Lead in December 2008.

Israel's Arab Helpers
Egypt police kill Sudanese migrant to Israel
Egyptian police shot and killed a Sudanese man as he tried to cross the border illegally into Israel on Friday, a security official told AFP. "Police ordered him by loudspeaker to stop, but when he did not obey they shot him," the official said.

Violence and other Provocations
PCHR Weekly Report: 2 Workers Killed, 2 Wounded, 13 Abducted by Israeli Forces This Week
In its Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories for the week of 02-07 September 2010, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights found that Israeli forces killed two Palestinian workers in an air strike against a tunnel in the southern Gaza Strip.

Two injured in Israeli air strike on Gaza: Palestinians (AFP)
AFP - Two members of the Hamas security forces in the Gaza Strip were wounded in an Israeli air strike on Gaza City, Palestinian witnesses said late Thursday.

Army Carries Out Five Airstrikes In Gaza
On Thursday at night, the Israeli Air Force carried out five airstrikes targeting a number of areas in different parts of the Gaza Strip inflicting damage a number of injuries.

CNN report: IDF sexually abused Palestinian children
Damning CNN report cites uncorroborated charges of sexual abuse against Palestinian children detained by IDF; army says detention of minors undertaken in line with international law, cannot respond to abuse charges as no details provided.,7340,L-3952077,00.html

Joseph Dana: "Price Tag" Reprisals Against Palestinians in Hebron
Since last week's fatal shooting of four settlers from the settlement of Beit Haggai, Palestinians in the area have been subjected to what the settlers call "price tag" reprisal attacks and repeated Israeli army incursions.

Hamas: PA detained 7 affiliates
BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) -- Hamas officials in the West Bank accused Palestinain Authority security forces of detaining sevenof its members and affiliates between Thursday night and Friday afternoon.  Two separate statements from the party said forces targeted affiliates in Nablus and Hebron on Thursday night, while a second statement said three affiliates were targeted, 2 from Hebron and a third from Jenin on Friday morning.  The statement condemned the act as a continuation of a policy of politically-motivated arrests and detentions.

Hamas: Leader transferred from PA prison to hospital
NABLUS (Ma'an) -- A Hamas party statement accused PA prison authorities of torturing a senior leader after he was moved from a government prison to hospital on Thursday.  Hamas leader Nader Sawafta from Tubas was transferred to from a Palestinain Authority prison to Nablus' Rafidia hospital in Nablus a statement said.  Officials wrote that Sawafta's health was deteriorating and held the PA responsible for his life.

Jenin: 3 detained for 'violating sanctity of Ramadan'
JENIN (Ma’an) -- Police in Jenin detained three residents accused of "violating the sanctity of Ramadan" by eating in the street Thursday.  The three were detained and taken for interrogation before prosecution, police said.  Eating or smoking during the day is forbidden during Ramadan, although fasting is rarely enforced by the police.  Six people were detained for smoking during the day in Salfit in August.

Palestinian Violence    
Gunman kills one Israeli Arab near Jerusalem
JERUSALEM, Sept. 9 (Xinhua) -- Gunmen killed an Israeli Arab and wounded another in a shooting near Jerusalem on Thursday, after four Israelis were killed in similar attacks last week, local emergency service reported.  The attack happened in the region between Jerusalem and the West Bank settlement of Ma'aleh Adumim, where an Israeli Arab was killed and another Israeli wounded, Magen David Adom, local emergency medical agency, was quoted by Israeli daily Ha'aretz as saying.

Gaza missiles strike Israel, no casualties: military (AFP)
AFP - A mortar shell fired by Palestinian militants from the Gaza Strip hit southern Israel on Thursday evening causing no casualties, the second such attack of the day, the Israeli military said.

"Peace" Talks/Political Developments
EU's Ashton defends no-show at Mideast peace talks (AFP)
AFP - EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, under fire for not attending Israeli-Palestinian talks last week, on Friday said her decision in no way reflected a priority shift for the 27-nation bloc.

Obama, Lieberman to meet in Washington?
After Palestinians refer to foreign minister as 'major obstacle to peace,' Ynet learns US president may join one of his meetings with senior White House officials in bid to bring him closer to peace talks.,7340,L-3952180,00.html

Peres to Abbas: Netanyahu is a trustworthy partner
Palestinian president calls Israeli counterpart to offer Rosh Hashanah greetings; Peres urges Abbas not to abandon peace talks.

Islamic Jihad Calls For Unity
As Muslims around the world prepare for celebrate the Al Fitir Feast, the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine issued a statement calling on the Palestinian people, and their factions, to use this occasion as step towards comprehensive unity among in order to boost their struggle and steadfastness.
Abbas isolated in Mideast talks
Buttu: Mahmoud Abbas has little support from the Palestinian public for the negotiations.

Other news
Israel Faces Arab Nuclear Pressure At IAEA Meetings
VIENNA (Reuters) - Arab states backed by Iran are poised to target Israel over its assumed atomic arsenal at U.N. nuclear watchdog meetings this month, despite U.S. warnings this may hamper broader steps to ban such weapons in the Middle East.

Analysis/Opinion/Human Interest
Ali Abunimah, journalist and co-founder of Electronic Intifada, uses a humorous metaphor to describe the Middle East peace talks, at a gathering in Olympia, Washington August 31.

Peace Process Déjà Vu, ANTHONY DiMAGGIO
We’ve been here many times before.  The “peace process” through which the U.S. allegedly seeks to broker a long lasting stability between Israelis and Palestinians reaches back a number of decades.  Many readers of the American press will no doubt be fed up with the entire charade.  How many negotiations does it take before a real peace agreement materializes?  We’ve seen numerous initiatives in the form of the Bush I Baker Plan, the 1993 Oslo agreement, the 2000 Camp David meetings, the 2001 Taba Negotiations, the Bush administration’s “Road Map,” and now a renewed initiative under the Obama administration – yet peace has eluded Israelis and Palestinians every step of the way.

Carly's Schlep to Israel
Locked in a tight race against California Senator Barbara Boxer, Republican candidate Carly Fiorina just had a curious getaway in Israel. Samuel P. Jacobs on the chutzpah of her High Holy Day gamble.

Meeting 3 U.S. officers who are angered by the special relationship, Philip Weiss
I often look around the political rabbithole I went down a few years ago and wonder what I’m doing here and whether I’ll ever get out. I think of all the associations and even interests I had earlier in life that I’ve cut myself off from. I wonder if I'm not bonkers or if I’ve had a temperamental breakdown in midlife that unsuited me for the world. Though generally I end up saying, What the hell, my wife’s ok with it, I’ve got a good life, you gotta do what you gotta do.  In the last couple days I’ve had conversations with three American military officers in Jordan that left me feeling good about my choice. In each case it was the officers who brought up the tremendous strategic liability that Israel represents for the U.S., and two of them used the words “Jewish lobby” without prompting.

The Photo Before the Storm, RAMZY BAROUD
A picture is not always worth a thousand words. The recently released photographs of Palestinian and Israeli leaders in Washington during their first direct talks in many months certainly don’t say anything new.  It was the status quo at its best, a mere procession of regional and US leaders before hungry cameramen. The leaders promised “not to spare any effort” and praised the undeniable altruism embedded in the very concept of “peace”. Israeli Prime Minister repeated the martyr-like emphasis of past Israeli leaders regarding the “painful” compromises and sacrifices required to defeat the many obstacles standing before them. Mahmoud Abbas – with his expired presidency over a corrupt Palestinian Authority - smiled, shook hands and spoke unconvincingly about his hopes and expectations.

The Silence of the Israeli Intelligentsia, LISA TARAKI
The ongoing buzz in the Israeli media around statements issued by artists and academics against lecturing or performing in the colony of Ariel – built on occupied Palestinian land – betrays a stark contradiction in the positions of the Israeli intelligentsia. While they are now calling for a boycott of settlements, they have remained apathetic or even content regarding the far more significant heavy hand of the military-security-political establishment in society, including in academia and cultural institutions.

Israel/Palestine: Banquet of Peace, Carlos Latuff

Israel boosts troop training close to Blue Line
BEIRUT: Israel is boosting its military training close to the Blue Line in anticipation of a fresh conflict with Lebanon's Hizbullah, Israeli public radio said Thursday. Israeli Army Head of Operations Unit Brigadier General Sami Turjeman said continuing growth of recruits and equipment would stand it in good stead should a new war arise.

Abbas proposes assistance for Lebanon refugees
RAMALLAH (Ma’an) -- President Mahmud Abbas has ordered the establishment of a family solidarity charity which will be twinning Palestinian families in the occupied territories with refugees in Lebanon.  Hasan Al-Ory, the president's legal counsel, was quoted by the official Palestinian Authority news agency WAFA as saying the initiative would see Palestinians at home make monthly donations to improve the lives of Palestinians in Lebanon.

No, the US is not shifting on Hizbullah
In a June 30 article on the Foreign Policy website, Mark Perry argued that an intelligence unit inside the US Central Command (CENTCOM) known as the "Red Team" was thinking outside the box about the Middle East and recommending strategies for Hizbullah and Hamas that are "at odds with current US policy."

Thursday: 7 Iraqis Killed, 15 Wounded
Iraqis are awaiting the sighting of the crescent moon that will mark the end of Ramadan and the start of Eid al-Fitr celebrations. Although security forces are concerned this may trigger an increase in violence, so far attacks have remained light. At least seven Iraqis were killed and 15 more were wounded.

Gunmen behead, set alight Sunni cleric in Iraq (Reuters)
Reuters - Gunmen stormed the house of a Sunni cleric on Thursday and cut his head off before setting him alight in an attack that bore the hallmark of insurgents, a police spokesman said.

Imam and policeman's wife beheaded in Iraq attacks (AFP)
AFP - The imam of a Sunni mosque and a policeman's wife were both beheaded in separate incidents in the central Iraqi province of Diyala on Thursday, police said.

Al Iraqiya member warns of democracy disintegration
Al Iraqiya List member Aliya Nassif warned of democracy collapse in Iraq if the Constitution and elections results are not respected. Al Iraqiya will not cede its constitutional right, she added.

Massive Cache of Iraq War Docs to Be Published by WikiLeaks
A massive cache of previously unpublished classified U.S. military documents from the Iraq War is being readied for publication by WikiLeaks, a new report has confirmed.  The documents constitute the “biggest leak of military intelligence” that has ever occurred, according to Iain Overton, editor of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, a nonprofit British organization that is working with WikiLeaks on the documents.  The documents are expected to be published in several weeks.

Iraq to pay $400 million for Saddam's mistreatment of Americans
The controversial settlement opens the door for the US to pressure the United Nations to end sanctions imposed during Saddam Hussein's rule, which were never fully lifted.

Deported Iraqi asylum seekers say they were beaten and forced off plane
Violence allegedly erupted when refugees refused to leave flight after it touched down in Baghdad.  A group of failed Iraqi asylum seekers who were forcibly deported to Baghdad this week have claimed they were beaten by British security staff and Iraqi police.  The violence allegedly erupted when the refugees refused to leave a charter flight after it touched down in Baghdad on Tuesday morning.  Pictures of one those said to have been injured were released by the International Federation of Iraqi Refugees (IFIR), a London-based organisation.

What America Left Behind in Iraq, It's even uglier than you think, NIR ROSEN
Hundreds of cars waiting in the heat to slowly pass through one of the dozens of checkpoints and searches they must endure every day. The constant roar of generators. The smell of fuel, of sewage, of kabobs. Automatic weapons pointed at your head out of military vehicles, out of SUVs with tinted windows. Mountains of garbage. Rumors of the latest assassination or explosion. Welcome to the new Iraq, same as the old Iraq -- even if Barack Obama has declared George W. Bush's Operation Iraqi Freedom over and announced the beginning of his own Operation New Dawn, and Iraq's Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has declared Iraq sovereign and independent.

Iraq comedy show under fire
A new Iraqi comedy show has come under criticism for making jokes about the dangerous reality of life in the country. The show, "Put him in Bucca", features fake bombs being planted in celebrities'cars, and candid camera-style recording of their reactions. But as Al Jazeera's Rawya Rageh reports from Baghdad, not everyone finds it funny.

China Opposes South Korean Sanctions Against Iran
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said Thursday China does not approve of the unilateral sanctions. She said the Chinese government hopes countries will instead stick to diplomatic efforts and seek a resolution through dialogue and negotiations.

Iranian opposition claims to have found secret nuclear site
Leading Iranian opposition members claimed Thursday to have uncovered a secret nuclear enrichment site buried in the mountains northwest of Tehran, as South Korea announced late Wednesday it had adopted new unilateral sanctions designed to pressure Iranian authorities to put a halt to their nuclear program over fears it might be geared toward a military objective.  Information obtained by the People’s Mujahedeen Organization of Iran (PMOI) has revealed Iran began building the site in Abyek, about 120 kilometers northwest of Tehran, in 2005, the opposition members said.

Iran denies claims of building covert uranium enrichment site: atomic chief
TEHRAN, Sept. 10 (Xinhua) -- Head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Ali-Akbar Salehi, denied on Friday allegations of a clandestine underground atomic site near the country's capital of Tehran, the local satellite Press TV reported.  Iranian Paris-based dissident group, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) said Thursday in Washington that it had discovered a secret underground uranium enrichment site in Abyek, about 120 km (70 miles) northwest of Tehran which the country started building in 2005.

U.S.: Newly revealed 'covert' Iran facility not nuclear
U.S. backs Iran's insistence that site 'exposed' by Iranian dissident group alleging secret uranium enrichment was in fact not a nuclear facility.

American to be released by Iran
Iran will free Sarah Shourd, one of the three Americans it has held in prison for more than a year accused of spying on Saturday, a government official has announced.  Shourd, along with Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal, were arrested in July 2009 after straying into Iranian territory from Iraq. The three say that they became lost on hike in Iraqi Kurdistan.  US authorities insist that they are innocent and say they should be released immediately.  In a brief text message, the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance announced the "freedom of one of the American detainees on Saturday 20th of (Iranian month of) Shahrivar at 9.00 (0430 GMT) at Hotel Esteghal" in the capital Tehran.

Iran human rights lawyer detained
A prominent human rights lawyer in Iran, Nasrin Sotoudeh, is detained by the authorities on security charges.

Ahmadinejad envoys stir trouble at home
Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad, under fire for appointing special envoys from his inner circle, was advised by parliamentarians this week to "follow the advice'' of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to work with, rather than bypass, the Foreign Ministry. The turf war exposes the balancing act between prudent officials and an action-oriented president.

Pakistan and Afghanistan
4 Children Among 18 Killed In US Attack In Pakistan
Fourteen suspected militants and four children were killed when US drones carried out three attacks in North Waziristan on Wednesday.

Soldiers' families call for pullout from 'unwinnable' war in Afghanistan
Relatives of those who have died or who are serving to present letter to parliament before MPs debate on conflict's future

Not just fingers: US soldier 'kept Afghan body parts'
Officer charged in conspiracy to murder civilians kept bones and tooth as souvenirs, report says.

Mullah Omar : Taliban Victory 'Imminent,' Demands U.S. Withdraw
In a section addressing US citizens, he said: "They have wasted hundreds of billion(s) of dollars of your tax money in the shape of financial expenditures and your manpower in Afghanistan and have still been wasting them. You shall be witness to another economic melt-down."

Afghan security forces beat angry customers to prevent run on Kabul Bank
Afghanistan's biggest bank, caught in a corruption scandal, closes all its branches bar one just before Muslim holiday.

Karzai brother’s Kabul Bank villa deal revealed
Karzai, who owns 7 per cent of the ailing Kabul Bank, said in an interview Monday there was “nothing wrong” with the transaction.

Guns and Butter:  "Why America Cannot Win In Afghanistan":  Interview with Pakistani General Hamid Gul

Afghanistan war: What happens when a war interpreter doesn't know the language
US troops rely on local Afghan interpreters in the mission to win hearts and minds in the Afghanistan war. But many learn crucial languages on the job, resulting in deadly mishaps.

Inside Story - Rethinking the war in Afghanistan
A new report by the London-based International Insititute for the Strategic Studies (IISS) concludes that the threat posed by al-Qaeda and Taliban is exaggerated and that the strategy in Afghanistan has "ballooned" out of proportion from the original aim of preventing attacks by al-Qaeda. With the US due to review its own progress at the end of the year, how will this impact future strategy in Afghanistan?

U.S. and Other World News
Former CIA officer accused of abusing suspect now training other operatives
A former CIA officer accused of revving an electric drill near the head of an imprisoned terror suspect has returned to U.S. intelligence as a contractor, training CIA operatives after leaving the agency.

Federal appeals court tosses lawsuit over CIA 'torture' flights
In siding with the Obama administration's executive privilege arguments, a bitterly divided 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that a lawsuit could not proceed that alleges five former CIA detainees were transported to foreign countries and subjected to brutal interrogation tactics.

Jordan, Japan sign nuclear cooperation pact
Kingdom's Atomic Energy Commission chief says Japan will assist in construction, operation of local reactor.,7340,L-3952260,00.html

Mo. man accused of keeping woman as sex slave
JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Five Missouri men are accused of taking part in the sexual torture of a young woman allegedly kept as a sex slave by one of the men and forced to work as a stripper, prosecutors announced Thursday.  Federal prosecutors describe the woman, now 24, as mentally deficient and say that she grew up in foster homes. They said one of the men, Edward Bagley Sr., 43, of Lebanon, invited her to live in his trailer in southern Missouri starting in 2002 and promised to make her a model, dancer and a great life.

Robert Fisk: A place of refuge from fear and guilt
It is a small villa in a shady street, with a sunny courtyard and trees, and a kitchen tucked away at the end of an alleyway, and there are cheerful women in scarves to explain Jordanian laws on marriage and divorce to girls who come to them, frightened, desperate, in fear of their lives.

Robert Fisk: The truth about 'honour' killings
The old Pakistani maulawi laid two currency bills on the table between us, one for 50 rupees, the other for 100 rupees. "Now tell me," Rahat Gul asked, "which is the more valuable?" I thought it was a trap – which it was, in a way – but he lost patience with me and seized the 100 rupee note. "Now come with me." And he stood up and led me down a narrow corridor into a small bedroom. There was a camp bed, a military radio and, at the far end, a giant British-made safe. He fiddled with the combination and hauled on the iron door. Then he placed the 100 rupee bill inside and locked the vault. "You see?" he said. "This is like a woman. She must be protected and looked after, because she is more precious than us."

Blair's book hits a nerve in Arab world
The memoirs of former British prime minister Tony Blair have been blasted by the Arab press for their unapologetic stance towards the Iraq War and Blair's alliance with former US president George W Bush. With painful memories of the bad blood, civilian deaths and mayhem unleashed by the "war on terror", many Arabs would prefer to see Blair complete his march into history.

Riz Khan - 9/11's first responders
To what extent did toxic dust and debris from the September 11, 2001 attacks at the World Trade Center contribute to health problems of firefighters and other first responders who risked their lives to help victims at Ground Zero? What should be done to help first responders of the 9/11 attacks?

Islam in the West
Most Americans object to planned Islamic center near Ground Zero, poll finds
Most Americans say the planned Muslim community center and place of worship should not be built in Lower Manhattan, with the sensitive locale being their overwhelming objection, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Donald Trump Offers To Buy Proposed Park51 Mosque Site
NEW YORK — Donald Trump is offering to buy out one of the major investors in the real estate partnership that controls the site near ground zero where a Muslim group wants to build a 13-story Islamic center and mosque.  In a letter released Thursday by Trump's publicist, the real estate investor tells Hisham Elzanaty he would buy his stake in the lower Manhattan building for 25 percent more than whatever he paid.

US pastor 'calls off Quran burning'
Planned event to burn copies of Muslim holy book on anniversary of September 11 attacks cancelled amid criticism.

U.S. pastor reconsiders cancelling Koran burning after 'lied to' by N.Y. imam
Florida's Rev. Terry Jones says clerics linked to Ground Zero mosque promised they would relocate the mosque in exchange for him cancelling his planned burning of the Muslim holy book.

New twists in US pastor's Quran-burning plan
The Florida pastor who threatened to burn copies of the Quran has suspended the plan in the face of condemnation by the US government and international outrage. Hours later though, Terry Jones, who heads the Dove World Outreach Centre church, said the plan was only suspended because he was "lied to" over a deal to call off the event in exchange for a promise to move a planned Islamic centre away from New York's Ground Zero, and may still reconsider. The burning had been planned to coincide with the ninth anniversary on Saturday of the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington. But Interpol, the Pentagon and others warned that such an act would provoke violent acts around the world by outraged Muslims. Al Jazeera's Nick Spicer reports from Gainesville on the pastor who is showing no sign of being unnerved by the global backlash. [September 10, 2010]

State Department warns Americans abroad about reaction to planned Koran-burning
The department issues a worldwide travel alert and cautions that 'the potential for further protests and demonstrations, which may turn violent, remains high.'  WASHINGTON — The State Department on Thursday warned Americans abroad that a Florida church's plans to burn Korans on the ninth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks may set off violent demonstrations against Americans around the world, as U.S. officials huddled to consider further precautions.

11 countries speaking out against Koran burning in Florida
More than 10 countries have now condemned a Florida pastor's plan to burn the Koran in commemoration of the 9/11 terrorist attacks of nine years ago. As noted in the Monitor article Why the planned Koran burning causes outrage and alarm, "Muslims see it as the uninterrupted, unchangeable, and eternal word of God. Burning the Koran is akin to directly burning the word of God." Here is what leaders are saying worldwide.

US religious leaders condemn Islamophobia
Leaders of mainstream denominations have denounced "outright bigotry" against American Muslims surrounding the controversy over the construction of an Islamic center near New York's ''Ground Zero'' and planned burnings of the Koran on the anniversary of 9/11. Many fear such actions will fuel perceptions in the Islamic world that the United States is anti-Islam.

Can global leaders' outcry minimize fallout from Koran burning plan?
The planned Florida Koran burning has compelled outcry from President Obama, Pakistani President Zardari, and others. Those messages appear to be muting wider Muslim reaction to the planned Koran burning.

Fashionable bigotry, As'ad Abukhalil
Would an American writer be able to keep his/her job if she/he wrote those words about Judaism and Jews?  ""But, frankly, Muslim life is cheap, most notably to Muslims. And among those Muslims led by the Imam Rauf there is hardly one who has raised a fuss about the routine and random bloodshed that defines their brotherhood. So, yes, I wonder whether I need honor these people and pretend that they are worthy of the privileges of the First Amendment which I have in my gut the sense that they will abuse."

Jamal Dajani: The Grinch Who Stole Eid
Today, 1.5 billion Muslims across the globe celebrate Eid al-Fiter, a three-day holiday marking the end of Ramadan, however; one renegade pastor of a church, Rev. Terry Jones, with fewer than 50 members has cast a shadow on their festivities. For the past several weeks, the media have treated us to live theater of the absurd by amplifying a statement made by an unknown preacher from Gainesville, Florida proposing to burn Qurans on the ninth anniversary of 9/11.

The Koran at Fahrenheit 451, ALEXANDER COCKBURN
By the end of the week, the air was so thick with pieties about the need for tolerance and respect for all creeds that one yearned for the Rev. Terry Jones, mutton chop whiskers akimbo, to rescind his last minute cave-in, stiffen his spine, then toss those Korans into the burn barrels outside his Gainesville church in Florida and torch them on this year’s anniversary of 9/11.
For further information contact Shadi Fadda

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